Advantages Of Using Horse Stall Mats

Rubber stable matting is very hygienic as it is easy to keep clean, and unlike wood or earth flooring, it is easy to help sterilize.

Drainage can be an important issue to consider when you are looking to purchase rubberized stable matting. Some with the rubber flooring options available are porous, allowing urine to help drain through them, whilst rubber flooring consisting of smaller sections or tiles allows drain off inside joints. A mat that might drain easily will allow urine to feed, keeping the stall pleasant and dry, but it is essential that the underside with the flooring is grooved providing liquids to drain gone. A well drained system will likewise save you a great deal on bedding costs. However, it is important to consider where the urine will drain away to. If there is a permeable substrate, including compressed stone, underlying that matting, then this is not a problem, the urine will soak away into the ground below. With concrete flooring it is best if there is a slight slope to assist runoff with accumulated urine. Alternatively, the mats must be lifted periodically and the floor underneath hosed straight down, and in this case lighter matting ought to be selected for ease involving lifting. If the urine does not runoff and is allowed to formulate underneath the matting, it could actually release ammonia into the air, which can be detrimental to your horses health. If drainage will likely be problematic, then it may be best to aquire a solid rubber non-porous system with few or no joints, and use conventional bedding to soak up urine.

Rubber stable matting is an economical alternative to conventional flooring as much less bedding is required as the mat provides a comfortable, warm, well cushioned sleeping pad for the horse to lie on. It not only saves on bedding material, but also the time and expense of labour involved to muck out a stable lined with conventional bedding material.
When making the investment in rubber flooring to your horse stable, be sure you will be purchasing the best product for the job. At first thought, you may assume that the horse mat is a horse mat and it doesn’t matter what one you become, but on closer examination, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best mat for a stalls. Some of like for example ,: revulcanized vs. straight edge vs. interlocking mats?

There are a number of reasons why revulcanized rubber is superior to bonded crumb rubber when it comes to stall flooring. Here are 6 reasons for you to choose revulcanized rubber flooring for most horse flooring applications:

  1. Polyurethane bonded pads can absorb animal body fluids while revulcanized mats do not absorb moisture
  2. Animal fluids can cause the polyurethane binder to help deteriorate creating wear spots as being the crumb flakes away, revulcanized matting doesn’t need this problem
  3. Animal fluids trapped inside bonded crumb mats might cause bacteria and foul odours
  4. Revulcanized rubber flooring is stronger and more resilient than polyurethane bonded rubber floors
  5. Revulcanized mats will not curl, cold flow or change shape like polyurethane bonded mats can when below the temperatures and pressures involving normal use
  6. Revulcanized mats are produced by chemically bonding your rubber under extreme pressure and heat to develop the most durable and dense mat possible, even though polyurethane bonded mats are glued and pressed with moderate pressure. rubber matting